Society for Historical Archaeology 2012 Conference

Next week the Society for Historical Archaeology gathers in Baltimore, Maryland for its 45th Annual Conference.  After spending most of the last year-and-a-half   doing research projects in the states, England, and Finland, I now have the chance to present some work from all those projects at one conference, doing a piece on Victorian bric-a-brac and everyday life in one session; partnering with my University of Oulu (Finland) colleagues Titta Kallio Seppa and Timo Ylimaunu on a paper examining creamware consumption in early 19th century Finland; a piece with my doctoral student Lewis Jones (Indiana University) on the archaeology of urban renewal; and a panel discussion on African diasporan archaeology by Mark Leone with a fabulous panel of Sarah Croucher, James Davidson, Leland Ferguson, Cheryl LaRoche, Charles Orser, Francois Richard, Theresa Singleton, and host Chris Barton.  I’ve spent most of a month assembling powerpoints and papers on very different subjects.

The conference committee has an excellent blog with information on the conference and Baltimore, and you can follow the conference committee’s Twitter account.

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